Sri Nallathamby Posted on 27/04/2020


I am getting "The connection failed" error message (step 5b of 8, Server Configuration). I could not able to figure out. Created user info_domain, granted dba privileges. Pelase help me to resolve this issue.

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screemn image:


Priyanka Replied on 28/04/2020

The port number running for oracle and database service name may not be correct. Just go to command prompt and search for the correct one. go through these steps:

open cmd prompt

search for lsnrctl services

it will show the port number and service name running for oracle

Sri Nallathamby Replied on 28/04/2020

I am seeing this, looks like port is 1521, but no listener. please let me know how can I resolve this issue.

Responsive image




Replied on 29/04/2020

The TNS-12541 message reads, “TNS no listener.” This happens if the listener is either down as it attempts to make a connection or if it has not been started or improperly configured. In addition, it may be caused by a connectivity problem with the network.

First, make sure that the listener is up and running. To do this, go to the Control Panel into Services under NT or listener control program.

Sri Nallathamby Replied on 29/04/2020

I decided to go with 11g Express edition as 18c XE gives me trouble after trouble, can not waste more time. Hope that using 11g Express Edition OK work well with what is taught here. Please let me know otherwiese.


Priyanka Replied on 01/05/2020

Okay that's good, You can continue with 11g Express Edition.