srikanth jangam Posted on 01/12/2020

Thanks for your prompt response for my past queries and hope to get the same for this one. I wanted to ask few questions about  real time.


How are the environments in realtime. I mean are there Dev and QA versions?

Q1) I mean that i will be testing the ETL requirements in QA? Informatica QA version?  

Q2) And when i complete loading the data into the target tables will these be loaded into prod?

Q3) When i am testing ETL all the setups are completed by me (etl tester) or is there any other team which does that?

Q4) When i complete the testing the ETL in QA and all the data is loaded into target table-Is this connected to a QA version of Tableau where i create the reports based on requirements and once passed these are moved to prod?

Q5) also, ETL tester and BI report testing is done by same candidate or are they done by different people.


Sorry for such long question but wanted to make sure how it is in real-time.

Replied on 01/12/2020

1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. if you are the only tester then the whole process will be done by you only and if there is a team then all of them will handle it together but ater the work is done, no other team or individual will have to work on it. (basically when the developer finds a defect in the data, the work of the tester starts from there)
4. After the reports are generated in tableau, you can share it with anyone.
5. ETL testing and generating reports are done by the same person(ETL tester).

srikanth jangam Replied on 01/12/2020

Thanks Instructor. 


For question 4 are there QA and Prod versions of Tableau?  I mean i test a report based on a particular requirement in QA tableau and then generate the same report in Tableau prod and publish it?

Priyanka Replied on 02/12/2020

Tableau 'QA' and Tableau 'Production' are sites of Tableau Server.

Tableau QA Site is a also web-based application, which is accessible to authorized Tableau Developers, Interactors and Viewers. The QA Site is explictly setup for Interactors and Viewers who wants to Validate results and Test the finctionality of Dashboards. This site is also used to perform UAT (user acceptance testing) before promoting dashboards to Production Site for larger audience.

Tableau Production Site is a also web-based application, which is accessible to authorized Tableau Interactors and Viewers. The Production Site is explictly setup for larger audience (Viewers) who wants to analyze the finalized Dashboards and make strategic decisions. 

So if you want your reports to be validated or tested by the users then generate the reports in Tableau QA.

srikanth jangam Replied on 02/12/2020

Thanks for your response