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How to find the port in windows7 to configure domain in repository manager

Chaitanya I Post on 12/01/2019

As directed in the window I am not able to view the services name in Windows 7 task manager to identify the ports.
As I am not able to identify the ports, I am not able to configure the domains in repository manager and proceed further.
Kindly help me in resolve this issue and proceed further.



Support Team Reply on 12/01/2019

when you open the task manager, it by deafult open the process tab. you have to reach upto details tab to see the services that are running for informatica. i have also provided an image to clear your doubts

Chaitanya I Reply on 12/01/2019

thank youfor your responce, but I don't see any 'Details' tab in my task manager. Please help me in identifying the port in any otherway.

Chaitanya I Reply on 15/01/2019

Can you please verify above screenshot and let me know how to identify the Port in this situation



Support Team Reply on 16/01/2019

instead of task manager, open services and check it there


Chaitanya I Reply on 16/01/2019

I see no fields identify ports



Support Team Reply on 24/01/2019

follow these steps to find another way to find the port;

go to C drive

go to informatica folder

open the folder (9.6.1)

then open the "tomcat" folder

go to logs folder

open the file named as 'catalina',as it will be a dependent file so you can open it with notepad or notepad++

there you can find the port no. directly to configure your domain.

screenshot referred too..