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SQL Question

Vadali Aditya Vittal Post on 28/12/2018

Why does Select comes under Data Manipulation Language, however we are writing a query to just view the table. Let us consider a same retail store example.

select * from rt_product

This give all the products available in the store, Here i didnot alter/Change the data, This query when ran, it gives the list of ALL available products. Why does select comes under DML .?>



Support Team Reply on 12/01/2019

when we apply "where" clause with select command for eg: let me have the records of employees of any company and i want to find the id of all those persons whose job profile is 'IT-PROG' ---> so my query will first make some changes, then it will present the result. hence the data is being modified for the run time only but the changes are happening to provide the results